Can We Talk?

With all of the noise surrounding race relations right now, I have chosen (only in the last few days or so) to remain hopeful about our future as a people. I have been feeling a need to help “educate” my White brothers and sisters out there and I’m going to attempt to answer the call. Maybe someone will learn a “Black hack” or two (I totally just made that up) that makes it easier for non-Blacks to understand and better deal with us. Thus, potentially making this world a better place for everybody.

Naive? Maybe, maybe not. My hope gene says that if people can understand one another better, we can truly live with LESS divisiveness, less fear, fewer misunderstandings, less violence, less discrimination, and all the other things that our world could use less of. If I can make that happen for ONE person, my deed is done. As the preacher who is trying to get you to come down the aisle and give your life to Jesus would say…”Is there one”? (cue the organ music). Wait, do they do that in White churches? See I need some educating too!

Will everyone agree with my thoughts and opinions on race relations and our interactions with one another? NOPE. Even some Black folks might take issue with the things I say, but please remember these words are MY truth. Will I say some things that may be considered offensive? YEP. Will I bite my tongue or dumb down my feelings and beliefs to make others comfortable with my experience? NOPE. Do I love you anyway? YEP! Will I use caps and a lot of exclamation marks when I really mean something? Absolutely!!!!!!

Because I love to engage in all types of banter and fruitful conversation with others, I’m not averse to constructive criticism and don’t consider my skin too thin when it comes to differing opinions. However, I will not entertain trolls, bullying or any other behavior that isn’t beneficial to the topic or the conversation at hand.

Follow my blog, tell a friend and join me in my first official post to begin the conversation…and hopefully the healing!


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