White & Male…PRIVILEGED! Black, Female or Both…SCREWED!

Imagine an actual totem pole and four groups were standing there waiting to be put in order, I think it would go something like this. Top to bottom…White men, White women, Black men, Black women. Other women of color would probably make up a fifth group standing there but with very little room on the pole to get a grip good enough to actually climb it.


“Everybody that voted for Trump is NOT a racist. OK BUT…” 

As I mulled over the truth or untruth of this statement here is what I came up with…Whether you realize it or not, you’re playing on one of these teams, the DD’s or the ID’s. Either you’re a “Direct Dumbass” or you’re ok with people on the dumbass squad, which makes you an “Indirect Imbecile”.

‘Black Lives Matter’ Made You Mad Bro?!

I think for some, it might be more helpful to add a “too” to the Black lives matter statement. It doesn’t mean and I have never thought it ever meant that all other lives don’t matter. It does mean hey acknowledge that Black lives matter TOO, also, as well as, in addition to everyone else.