White & Male…PRIVILEGED! Black, Female or Both…SCREWED!


Imagine an actual totem pole and four groups were standing there waiting to be put in order, I think it would go something like this. Top to bottom…White men, White women, Black men, Black women. Other women of color would probably make up a fifth group standing there but with very little room on the pole to get a grip good enough to actually climb it.

Let’s dig a little deeper into this whole idea of White male privilege in case you’re not quite convinced it exists. I’ll try to control my gag reflex and touch on Bill O’Reilly at Fox “News”. Yes that Bill who once said slaves were well taken care of and made good wages. The one who came for Auntie Maxine Waters talking about her “James Brown wig”. Bad move dude, God don’t like ugly and you see what happened to him. Yes the same jackhole who referred to one of the women he harassed (and who eventually helped get his ass fired) as “Hot Chocolate”. He apparently is down with the swirl. I bet those other Fox folks didn’t know that!!! O’Reilly along with that slob Roger Ailes, UGH made that whole company a cesspool of grossness for over 20 years, but he finally got the boot. It only took multiple sexual harassment lawsuits, major advertisers pulling ads from the show and word getting out that they have been paying off women to keep quiet for years. MILLIONS of dollars going out to keep the dirty little secret that you have a sexual predator roaming around your offices like a shark in bloody water. The “lucky” women might get a settlement but have to live with the ramifications of the ordeal forever. The others? They get black balled, run out of town, blamed for speaking up, lose their career, etc. Even when they get rid of slime balls like O’Reilly and Ailes, they leave with multi-million dollar severance packages and are set for life. Not even having to own up to doing anything wrong. WHITE. MALE. PRIVILEGE.           billoreilly


Now I don’t take any sides with or condone Bill Cosby for the accusations of like 3,000 women (everybody ain’t lying y’all). I mean I loved Bill Cosby as a child growing up, but they won’t even show re-runs of his show from the 80’s on TV anymore! His complexion doesn’t carry the same amount of protection I suppose. ALL of these men are creeps. All are rich, all are famous and think they can do whatever to whomever. Bill O’Reilly and Ailes PAID SETTLEMENTS, basically saying they did whatever they were being accused of. What’s the only difference in how they’re being treated and Cosby now days? Melanin.


The guy they’re calling President now reeks of dirty old man too. He even admitted OUT LOUD that he just grabs women by the, well you know. He ADMITTED to walking in teenage girls dressing rooms just because he could during beauty pageants. What did the conservative Evangelical crowd have to say? CRICKETS or really, lame excuses like oh it’s just locker room talk. Boys will be boys!  When it came time to vote in 2016, hey let’s MAGA!! Our Attorney General, you know the one with the slave holders name, Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions, is trying to put a woman in jail for LAUGHING AT HIM during his confirmation hearings. The cops (White) that pinned down, shot and killed Alton Sterling (Black) were set free though, no charges.


The convicted rapist Brock Turner from Stanford (White). Given a few months in time out and told to run along, don’t want to ruin your life while the WOMAN is forced to live with what he did to her for the rest of hers…sadly we could go on and on but the more examples I use the more I will type in all caps.

Pay me what you owe me!


“In 2015, women earned 83% of what men earned, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of median hourly earnings of both full- and part-time U.S. workers. Based on this estimate, it would take an extra 44 days of work for women to earn what men did in 2015.”

So let me get this straight, I have to work a month and a half longer just to get what you already should be paying me? Got it. Now keep in mind that number is for WHITE women. It’s worse for women of color.

“Black women are, on average, paid 63 cents for every dollar paid to non-Hispanic White men. Latinas receive 54 cents for every dollar a non-Hispanic White male earns.”



Women of all flavors have at least one story in their lives of being overlooked or turned down for something that they were qualified for but lost out to a lesser qualified man. Hillary is not the first and will not be the last. I had the “privilege” of experiencing this first hand a few years ago myself. I saw a job description of what my very White employer at the time was offering a potential White male employee. I saw this before it was even an idea that I would be offered that same job a few years down the road. Naturally my first thought when it came to negotiating was the starting salary would be what he was originally offered. HA! Same job, they came to me with a figure $20,000 lower than what the WHITE MAN was offered. And to think I never would have known to even push back if I hadn’t run across that little nugget years before. They were willing to pay a stranger off the street $20,000 more for the same job they offered me, and I had been an employee there with a proven track record for several years. Difference? I think we know the answer by now.

So there you have it. The secret to success or whatever you deem as success in life probably starts with being born a White dude or else the road may be a little rocky to say the least. Does that mean automatic “winning” for all White men? No just like it doesn’t mean that all Black guys are good athletes but the odds are higher. Let’s face it, women have been catching hell since the beginning of time. In my Sofia from The Golden Girls voice…”Picture it, Garden of Eden”. Just look at Eve. Maybe she’s not the best example, she was nosey, or curious (if you’re into spin) and probably figured out early in the game that her womanly wiles could get her whatever she wanted. She saw early on that all she had to do was give Adam that look, you know that look, while strutting around the garden nekkid and he was eating out of the palm of her hand. Literally. People have been blaming women for the downfall of “man” and bringing sin into the world and all that good stuff for a long time. My thought is, if the man was supposed to be so much smarter, stronger, capable, etc. it should have gone something like this. “Look woman, I told you I’m not eating that apple. Now go and sit down somewhere!” Moral to that tangent? Women have been punking men out since creation LOL.

ANYWHO! If you’re like me (and millions of others) you were naïve enough to think that we were truly ready for a female President. I fell for the okie doke too, believing that women surely had done enough by now to “prove” that they can handle the job. People have all kinds of opinions about why Hillary lost the election but one that I don’t think we have spent enough time on is the fact that she was a woman. We try to skim over that because if we focus on it, that shows us that we still have a problem with misogyny and other patriarchal blemishes of our past. For many men AND women, her being of the female species was a problem. For some it was the ONLY problem. Just like some people had issues with Barack Obama being Black, or half Black, don’t want to negate his White half. In his case though, I think the fact that he was qualified to do the job mattered more because he was a man. Think about it, as much history as we have with slavery and all of that, America let a BLACK MAN get to the White House before a White woman! hillarybenghazi

In Hillary’s case though, she was OVER qualified, especially next to Trump and she still lost. Say what you want about her lying, having a last name tied to scandal in the past and all of that. She was a politician and did (or said) NOTHING WORSE, nothing close to worse than any other man in politics does. They all lie, but now all of a sudden we care about politicians lying? Hell her own husband had oral sex in the freakin’ Oval Office when he was President, but Lord Jesus she had an email server that nobody knew about. Oh and Benghazi, these folks acted like she went in there Rambo style and shot up the embassy and set it on fire herself. Had her on “trial” for 11 hours and didn’t find anything she did to warrant all the BS they dragged her through! Please spare me the ‘she ran a bad campaign, she didn’t go to Pennsylvania’ speech. Blah blah blah. No one runs a perfect campaign but at the end of the day common sense and the best PERSON for the job usually win out. Except when it’s a woman. Even the Russians knew she was about the business and didn’t want her in office. Putin pulled off one of the biggest hacking and stealing of elections in the history of elections in the world to keep her out of office!

We can spin it until we’re blue in the face but it is what it is. There were actually women on TV in 2016 (Black & White I might add) saying “I don’t think a woman should be President. That’s a man’s job”. Fifty-two percent of WHITE women voted for Trump. FIFTY-TWO PERCENT y’all!!! That would be like saying half of the Black folks voted against Obama. Yea right, that would never happen LOL…Black folks were down with Obama like four flat tires and yes just like White people have been doing for years, voting for someone because he was White, Republican or whatever reason aside from policy, some Black folks took their once in a lifetime chance to do so too. Now let’s be clear, President Obama got into office because way more than Black folks voted for him. Imagine if 52% of people said something like “I don’t think a Black person is ready to be the President. We’ve never done it, that’s White man’s job.” See how ridiculous that sounds?!? Women, wake the hell up!

Leave Our Black Women Alone!

I usually get my motivation to write new posts when something ticks me off. Although I do love to write, I’m not always in the mood. Once something puts me in the mood, then I have to chew on it for a while and get my thoughts together so that I won’t say exactly the first things that come to my mind on a particular topic. That wouldn’t be productive for anyone trust me. The latest thing to flick my bic was watching the President’s last “real” press conference when he had the back and forth with April Ryan.


Hearing the way he spoke to her in that news conference caused a visceral reaction in my gut. Like I felt myself preparing to punch somebody even though no one else was around me to punch. You don’t have those kinds of reactions for no reason. That’s your body saying hey something ain’t right here, pay attention. Our guts serve a purpose, to warn us, to protect us and many of us don’t listen. I heard him though. Hell every Black person heard him loud and clear when he responded to her question about meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus by saying “you want to set up the meeting? Are they your friends? Do you know them?”. Now to be clear, April Ryan is not just some chic off the street. She’s one of the most senior White House correspondents in the game…who just happens to be Black. He may as well had said “hey GAL, go get your homies together any maybe I’ll listen to them”, because that’s pretty much what I heard as a Black woman. Why would you assume she automatically knows the Black folks? We don’t all know each other! Would he ask a White journalist if they knew any of the Black caucus members? Would he ask White journalists if they could round up some klan members for a chit chat about immigration? And what response does the “colorblind“/reverse racism crowd have? “Why do we even have a Black caucus? Isn’t that racist? Excuse me while I count to 10…

Ok I’m back…NO JERKFACE, what is racist was all the BS that Black FOLKS went through (and still go through) including being left out, marginalized and ignored that made the NAACP, SCLC, Congressional Black Caucus and any other group like it necessary! Why do u think we have these groups? Because way back then when they began, no one was looking out for the needs of people of color. No one was taking care of these groups so we had to look after and take care of own. White people don’t need the NAAWP (national association for the advancement of White people). Never had to & never will. All of the “advancement” was set up FOR White people. Not to mention how dumb that would sound!

Lastly, before I pop a blood vessel, I really need people to understand that just because we’re “free” now, things aren’t necessarily better. The sooner we admit that, maybe some honest healing can begin. Just because we had a Black President, doesn’t mean we have overcome. I have fought with the idea that Obama may have made things worse, but I agree with that sentiment to some degree. I’m not saying that he as a man did anything in particular. Having a Black man in a position that White men (and women) had never seen before was too much for some and they lost their damn minds! All he did was be Black and have the nerve to want to be the President. Add that to a pot where the fire of racism and bigotry may been turned down, but was never put out and here we are today. Still making excuses for some and blaming others. Trump is here to remind us all, that good ol boys club hasn’t gone anywhere and the members still look the same!







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