“Everybody that voted for Trump is NOT a racist. OK BUT…” 

“If you can’t change the people around you…change the people around you!”


Man! I have been playing with this one in my head for a while. As I mulled over the truth or untruth of this statement here is what I came up with. You may not think you’re a racist and you very well may not inherently be a racist but you’re DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY supporting the cause. Whether you realize it or not, you’re playing on one of these teams, the DD’s or the ID’s. Either you’re a “Direct Dumbass” or you’re ok with people on the dumbass squad, which makes you an “Indirect Imbecile”.

Let the breaking down begin….

In one corner, we have the “Direct Dumbasses”. The DD’s are usually easy to spot, dressed in white sheets and cone shaped hats with eye holes and they might smell like smoke from burning crosses. Lately though, some try to fit in a bit more by wearing khakis with a nice dinner jacket and top button open dress shirt. “Direct Dumbasses” are usually outright bigots. They helped usher “45” (the person formally referred to as the POTUS) straight to the White House by spewing his vitriolic, hateful, misogynistic messages this past year.

 nzaziflag         racistdriver           rebelflag    supporterpunched

In the other corner, you have the “Indirect Imbeciles”. Most of the time they look like regular everyday people. Jeans, t-shirts, sometimes they wear red hats with “Make America Great Again” on them. These people are a bit more unassuming, sometimes even clueless and don’t even realize they’re part of the problem. Indirect Imbeciles are ok with all of the hateful things that DD’s do…as long as they get a “good job” out of the deal. If you talk to them about healthcare they might say something like “he’s not going to repeal The Affordable Care Act, it’s that Obamacare that they’re getting rid of!”                                       trumpwomen2        trumpwomen              23-trump-supporters-w600-h315-2x

Now let’s put this fat elephant right here in the middle of the floor. He is already in the room so let’s be real and talk about it. For me, these are the only 2 categories for “45” supporters. There is no middle ground here. If you feel there is, PLEASE make the case, I swear I’ll listen. Either I’m for something or against it. You can’t say I don’t like those things but still vote for him and those ideas. You kinda have to pick a side in this game folks. There isn’t even a fence to ride. Women, you can’t say you support empowerment, respect, safe work places and ANY place free of harassment, mistreatment, judging, etc. and be ok with “45” who is the epitome of all of that. Sorry these things cannot be separated. And let me be very clear, IT IS OK THAT YOU PICKED A SIDE, just own up to it! Don’t hide, deny or shy away from your “45” vote. We are all born with the right to cast our vote as we please. I’m asking you to stop acting like your vote didn’t say a whole lot, to A WHOLE LOT of people though.


I personally would rather deal with outright bigots than folks who don’t even know they’re bigots, or those that act like they don’t know the stunts they pull are on some straight up David Duke level crap. Speaking of him, do my “45” voting friends realize that you agreed with and cast the same vote as a Klan guy? Not just a regular old Klan guy, but one that was like a grand wizard. A pour the gasoline and strike the match for the cross type of dude! I’m going to cue the jeopardy music so you can let that sink in….

I’m sorry, I would have a problem with that, but maybe it’s just me?? If I found myself agreeing on who I want to represent me as an American…with the KLAN. NO SERIOUSLY, the damn KKK. They’re dancing in the streets like they just got a deal on a boat full of slaves and you agree with them? I hear you saying, no Jada I don’t agree with the Klan or anything they stand for. But your boy has effectively managed to keep them in his pocket along with some folks that totally agree with them. They are running the country right there beside him. He’s also managed to blow that dog whistle so loud and often, stirring up that very type of White man who would be more than happy to ship me off to Africa without even blinking. People had to practically beg “45” to denounce Duke & even then, there was no I’m putting my foot down, I don’t want his support. It went something like “I don’t even know David Duke.” What White (and especially Black) person in America doesn’t know David damn Duke?! So again, either you’re on that side with them or you’re OK with that foolery. Either way it ain’t cool! Now can we blame “45” for every dumbass supporter he has? Of course not, but he did NOTHING to cool the fire the entire campaign. In fact, he fanned the flames and for that he is responsible!klansupporter


With everything going on in the world today, chances are things will get uglier before they get better. I hope I’m wrong but we all see what’s going on. Some people feel threatened because life as they once knew it went away for a minute, like 8 years. Other folks got chances to rise. Opportunities that were only afforded to some were made available to all. We included others and like bad heartburn that hasn’t settled well with people. Some of those same people have been waiting to “take their country back”. From who I’m not sure exactly, but we’ll assume it was from the Black President. Some well-meaning folks feel a certain way because life has been challenging and they feel like we needed a change. A change that looks and smells like any era pre-civil rights though? I beg the question… when was America so great and which era are we trying to visit “again”? Slavery? Jim Crow? Reagan? Bush? Asking for a friend.

coloredbathrooms                          manhanging


Look, we know the game that’s being played by the alt-right, KKK, nationalist folks. They ain’t even trying to hide it these days. They’re empowered to do and say whatever and it looks like the dude they call the President now has given them authority to do so. My other folks though. Lord give me the words…Those of you who voted for “45” and say you’re not racist. My “colorblind” peeps. Those of you who say you value women, have wives and daughters, but give him a pass on his behavior with women. Not what we heard but what we know. Not from alternative facts or fake news but from HIS lips. Those who say some of my best friends are Black and claim to care about Black folks but haven’t really taken pause to see how police brutality and killings will only get worse under his “more police/law and order administration”. Hell Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions may as well be sitting up there with a Klan hat on as the new Attorney General. I mean his name even sounds like he STILL got slaves running around the plantation!

Seriously though, have we gotten so entangled in our own stuff that the fears, anxieties, attacks and just general well-being of others no longer matters? I understand needing to make ends meet, but if Obama did or said ANY of the things that Trump did to get elected, there is no way I would have voted for him and thrown my White, Hispanic or Muslim counterparts to the wolves just because he promised to make my life a little better.

mexican1  nobannowall911islampic

Suppose America is on the come up in a year or so, “45” is doing well and he has a plan that you can verify positively impacts your life. Will you be able to look in the mirror if at the same time your child’s Mexican classmate’s dad doesn’t pick her up from school one day because he got deported? OR how about if the marriage of your gay co-worker is considered invalid beginning in 2018. OR how would it make you feel, even though you got a better paying job with full insurance benefits, your sister lost hers. The sister who has breast cancer and has been out of work for a year and had to sign up for Obamacare. Now she’s just going to have to just pray the cancer away because they repealed the Affordable Care Act. OR how about that Black guy at work that you sometimes eat lunch with. You hear that he got pulled over on his way home from work last night because of the new “stop and frisk” laws. They can do that just because an officer thinks you’re  up to something. He reaches for his wallet to show the cop his I.D. (which of course the officer assumed was a gun) and he’s shot dead on the spot. OR what if your new boss calls you in to tell you about your promotion, but before you leave he decides to grab you by the, well you know. I guess it’s cool now since “45” said he used to do it all the time.


Will it be worth it? Is this making America great again? We can go all day about whether people who voted for “45” are racist, but for me that’s not even the point anymore. It’s different than just disagreeing with someone on policies, it’s way deeper than that for me. If you voted for him, you are showing support for EVERYTHING he is and stands for. We can’t pick and choose to just focus on jobs and the economy and act like we don’t smell that other pile of crap sitting there. Again, I don’t want to lecture, I want to lessen the ignorance (the not knowing). Give people another side to consider beyond their point of view. I hope the fact that you have kept reading means you’re open.

For my Black folks, I challenge everyone to be open to educating others. Sharing our stories and stop holding people accountable or responsible for things they don’t know. Let’s do our part and then let people decide what they want to do with newfound knowledge. Everybody doesn’t want to be a Black Folks Rep and everybody doesn’t need to be one either. Individuals like Omarosa, Daryl Scott, Ben Carson, Sheriff Clarke and any other buffoon that has tap danced for “45” doesn’t speak for me AT ALL! Figure out your role though and play a part. I have Black friends tell me they’re tired of explaining why something is racist or wrong to White people. Truth is if we don’t tell them who will? Be clear, I’m talking about those who are actually lacking knowledge and interested in knowing and doing better. If you are intent on flying your rebel flag and calling it a symbol of your “heritage” AFTER you’re educated on the history of what it means and why it’s offensive, then I’m not talking about you, or probably to you…ever.

I’m not a militant, hardcore protesting, fist raising, national anthem kneeling activist although I strongly feel we need front line soldiers like that. Maybe someday soon I will get more involved but right now, I’ll stay in my lane with what I feel is my gift to the cause.




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