“White People, Can Y’all Please Leave Black Folks Alone?!”

I’m so sick of people saying “this is not America, this is not who we are” about all the atrocities going on right now. Ummm yes the hell it is! This is who we have been for a LONG TIME.


“Attention Black Women…I Love Y’all!”

For 400 years and counting, we have been disrespected, ignored, interrupted, raped, beaten, chastised, sold, bought, looked over, looked down upon, laughed at, cursed at, dragged, shot, choked, slapped, spit on, mocked, ridiculed and I’m sure I left some other stuff out. Oh but in the words of the great Maya Angelou…“And Still I Rise”.

“Ahem…There is NO Such Thing As Black on Black Crime…”

Yes, black people kill and do terrible things to one another more often than I care to admit and nothing in this post is written with the intention of negating that fact at all. HOWEVER, the way this term is used to describe a so-called phenomenon sweeping across the country in all actuality has no factual basis whatsoever. Let’s argue!

Thoughts & Prayers…

Until we get these NRA gun pimps out of our politician’s pockets and find a way to loosen the grip they have on their balls, we will be stuck with good ol “thoughts and prayers”. Which by the way are nice, if I’m sick at home with a bad case of the flu. But when my six year-old child is shot like an animal and their body riddled with bullet holes from a military style assault rifle, do me a favor and put some action behind those thoughts and prayers!

Black Hack #5 – “Black Girl Magic: For Our ‘Allies’ Only!”

What our white friends, associates, co-workers and in some cases family members need to understand is all people of color don’t have the same level of tolerance for your “ally-ism”.
To be honest, some POC don’t even want your “help” in trying to navigate the waters of racism, sexism, discrimination, micro-aggression and all the other fun adventures that await us the minute we open our eyes every morning.

Dear White Women, Black Women are Tired!

All black women I know have been in a perpetual mode of SMH at the foolery surrounding the fallout of last year’s election. Our collective mantra has been “WE TRIED TO TELL Y’ALL!” White women on the other hand…speaking strictly about those who voted for 45 and/or “against Hillary” dropped the damn ball. POINT.BLANK.PERIOD!